School Testimonials

"What a great trip, could not have been organised better. The visit really opened our boy’s eyes and minds to a different culture and way of life.  I can honestly say you could not fault facilities and overall hospitality in addition to the very professional and great training facilities including gym, 4G pitch, pool and ice baths! Thank you"

- Martin Unsworth, The Henley College Wasps AASE Team Manger

"Our rugby tour is one of the most important events for the school and travelling with the RFU’s official travel company not only provides the ultimate stamp of authority but also the peace of mind, expertise and attention to detail that is vital for a school, its pupils, parents and teachers. I would not hesitate to recommend England Rugby Travel to anybody wanting to plan a rugby tour"

- Tony Windo, Director of Rugby at Bromsgrove School & Scrum coach at Gloucester

"England Rugby Travel’s official status with the RFU guarantees us a great reputation, reliability and a completely hassle free approach. Everything is taken care of and I would not hesitate to recommend England Rugby Travel to anybody wanting to plan a rugby tour."

- Mark Nasey, Director of Rugby, Warwick School

"We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to undertake such a rugby experience and to do so with the RFU’s official tours company is very important to us. Booking with England Rugby Travel adds a level of credibility and service to our experience that is very important. The endorsement from England’s head coach Stuart Lancaster, fundraising support and a tailor made itinerary has provided a level of service that has been second to none and all for a competitive price." 

- Sam Howard, Master i/c of Rugby, Dulwich College

"Can I also take this opportunity to thank all of you for your hard work on the tour. The service has never been anything less than friendly, professional and efficient. It feels like we actually matter to you"

- James Brinkley, Head of Boy’s PE and Games at Winterfold School

"The tour was fantastic, thank you. Will and Sophie sorted out a great itinerary and the local contact on the ground in SA was excellent."

– Liam Doubler, Director of Sport, RGS High Wycombe (South Africa Rugby Tour 2014)

"Thank you so much for all your help. It was truly an awesome experience for all involved."

– Richard Mahony, Director of Sport, King Edward Stratford VI School (Australia Rugby Tour 2014)

“What a tour with the boys, I had the time of my life!”

- Harry Atkinson, Pupil, The Crypt School (South Africa Rugby Tour 2016)

“It was utterly fantastic the boys loved it and took to the transport and travel like ducks to water. The itinerary was so fast moving that they didn’t have a chance to breathe but managed to see so much and sample so much more than they probably thought they would. Julian was an absolute legend for the 2 weeks and before, he was highly motivated and highly organised, the boys took to him really well and we relied upon him hugely.” 

- Budge Pountney, Head of Rugby, Marlborough College (Japan Rugby Tour 2016)

“Thank you so much England Rugby Travel for your help, support and smooth running of the tour. It is easily the best that I have been on in South Africa

- Andy Hamilton, Director of Rugby, Crypt School (South Africa Rugby Tour 2016)

“The tour was superb and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  The fixtures were competitively matched, hosting experience was amazing and the on-tour support was phenomenal.  I would recommend England Rugby Travel to any school as their service is second to none and the tour was one of the best I’ve been involved with.  Thank you”

- Steve Thompson, Director of Sport, Solihull School (South Africa Rugby Tour 2016).