From safari experiences trying to spot the ‘big five’ or a history lesson learning about Nelson Mandela’s incarceration on Robben Island, South Africa offers an experience not to be missed. Since South Africa’s emergence from apartheid they have hosted the Rugby World Cup 1995, the 2003 Cricket World Cup and the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup. The famous embrace between Nelson Mandela wearing South Africa's captain Francois Pienaar No.6 shirt after winning the Rugby World Cup 1995 on home turf was testament to how far they have come.

A nation full of pride who will certainly provide tough opposition across the board. With some of the most incredible cities and landscapes you will experience for yourself this amazing country. From Cape Town and the impressive presence of Table Mountain alongside its beautiful white sandy beaches to Durban, the sub-tropical beach getaway, South Africa offers much more than just a sports tour. 

Tours start from £1,299 per person. 


2 weeks since start of tour, Great time with everyone and Crypt PE”  

Josh Haddock, (Player), The Crypt School, South Africa Rugby Tour 2016

What a tour with the boys, Time of my life!

Harry Atkinson, (Player), The Crypt School, (South Africa Rugby Tour 2016)

Thank you so much England Rugby Travel for your help, support and smooth running of the tour. It is easily the best that I have been on in South Africa”.

Andy Hamilton, Director of Rugby, Crypt School (South Africa Rugby Tour 2016)

The tour was superb and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  The fixtures were competitively matched, hosting experience was amazing and the on tour support was phenomenal.  I would recommend England Rugby Travel to any school as their service is second to none and the tour was one of the best I’ve been involved with.  Thank you”.

Steve Thompson, Director of Sport, Solihull School (South Africa Rugby Tour 2016).