If you’re looking for a location where you will experience a different culture first hand then Japan is perfect, you will experience a way of living different to your own, food like you’ve never tasted and go shopping in some of the world’s best shopping areas. Japan is famous for its temples and shrines, although it has plenty to offer if culture is more to your taste. Visit cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima, Or iconic landmarks such as Himeji Castle and Mount Fuji.

The national sport in Japan is Sumo wrestling, it is a well-known sport where wrestlers are professional competitors weighing 100 to 200 kg. Other popular sports are Kendo, Baseball and Rugby. Interest in Rugby has really grown in Japan and there are many teams willing to play a touring side. 

It was utterly fantastic the boys loved it and took to the transport and travel like ducks to water. The itinerary was so fast moving that they didn’t have a chance to breathe but managed to see so much and sample so much more than they probably thought they would.

Julian was an absolute legend for the 2 weeks and before, he was highly motivated and highly organised, the boys took to him really well and we relied upon him hugely. Amazing tour and the boys experienced a tour that was so different to anything else.”

Budge Pountney, Head of Rugby – Marlborough College, (Japan Rugby Tour 2016)